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Robin Barnes
(a.k.a "Queen" of Newborns)

I've been photographing Babies and Families on the Central Coast for 34+ years.

I am a "Vintage" Photographer with a dreamland "boutique style" portrait studio located in the heart of the historical Village of Arroyo Grande.

I started this business shooting black and white film and hand tinting my portraits. Now that our world has gone digital, I have continued to collect vintage props for you to use during your sessions. On a personal note, I have a blended family that continues to grow. Children, Abrienne and Micah. Gifted to me, my daughter Emerald and Keira, and son Michael. Spouses Angie, Ian and Josh. Grandchildren, Jayce, Eden, Vivienne, Dustin and Stassi. Family is everything to me!

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I am a storyteller, and I shoot with my heart! I make good use of my camera time by capturing the beauty in each subject. I am about having fun and making sure you feel comfortable behind the lens with the smallest details in mind. I am not just a one time photographer, my families love me and so do the children, so I grow with these families and get to be a part of many special memories.

My biggest attribute to this photography business is that I truly love people and I care about your feelings on a personal level, so my goal is to bring you a blended amount of emotions when you see your photographs for the first time, happiness, laughter and tears at the same time!

I am on a personal level with my families, texting is welcomed. I tend to focus most of my time and energy into my sessions, so I have not been the best secretary at times, but then, that is not the main reason you have come to me, so please be patient with me if I have not responded right away. I get multiple variations of inquiries through email, social media, texts and voicemails, so sometimes I do not catch them right away. Being a busy photographer is a good thing for you as you know I must be good, right?

I look forward to telling your story through my lens,

- Robin Barnes

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