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How to Prepare

This is a time for youn to embrace your baby body whatever changes it may bring. To help you feel beautiful during this time, I have personally picked Materntiy Gowns and have had them custom made to flatter your baby bump and make you feel gorgeous! I encourage you to invest in either having hair and makeup done professionaly or have a friend do it if money is tight. Most important is get lashes put on as your eyes will stand out. Neutral lips are best. I can refer you to some Vendors eager to help your achieve the look youn want. Daddy can be in this Session as well. Let’s make him casual dressy. Button up shirt with sleeves, preferably colors that complimnt the gowns we choose for you. We will discuss these early on so you can shop or find something in the closet. If you have other children they are welcome to engage in the Session as well. Remember, I have Boutique style dresses for little girls too! I love to include props, so bring your ultrasound pictures and any cute little gifts you want to incorporprate. Mommas, wear easy slip on shoes to walk around in most like they will not be seen or we can take them off. Please remember to bring fluids and a snack. I want you and baby to be taken well care of!

I LOVE these sessions but plan on spending a few hours with me! This Session takes place in my home in Nipomo. Mommas, dress cozy and do not plan on being in photos! You just had a baby and I am sure you are not wanting to get right into pictures after being sleep deprived. So we plan a Part Two Session a week or two later at your home and we can include Daddy and other siblings or pets too. I provide all the cute outfits and create backdrops for you! If there is something cute that you bought or recieved as a gift and you want me to use it during the Session, I will do my best to incorporate it. We will discuss Occupations, Nursery theme and/or Colors, Hobbies or Sports etc. I love to personalize this Session as much as possible. The most important factor is that I photograph your baby by Day 5. If you have a C-section we can plan for the soonest day available after you are released from the Hospital. In th firat five days of your babies life, they are curling up in those cute postions and they usually will stay asleep so we can utilize a few different settings. I make sure I keep baby warm and cozy during the entire process. We can stop for feedings and diaper changes, I do not put a time limit on this session as every baby and momma have different needs. Mommas I need you to bring fluids to drink and maybe even a snack of your choice in case you need to eat something. It is always helpful to bring someone to assist in the session other than yourself as you will more than likely be exhausted. Morning of our Session, please try to keep baby stimulated by playing with them, hopefully they will be really tired when they get to me. Feed the baby just before you leave your home dressing baby in only diaper. You can keep the baby warm with blankets during transport. If feeding does not fall into place with the timing of our Session, no worries you can do feeding at my home.

3 month Sessions are in my home or yours. Baby is not sitting up yet so I utilize props to put the baby in or tummy shots. 6 month Sessions can be done in my home or on an outdoor location. I can incorporate vintage props as well. Baby is best photographed if they are sitting up or able to sit up for a small amount of time. some parents have to wait until almost 7 months to achieve this goal of sitting up! I have all the outfits for baby girls if you choose to use them.

I always encourage you to talk about the Session with me as an exciting thing. Talk about maybe the props I will be bringing, or promise a special toy or treat as a reward for taking pictures happily. Whatever you are willing to barter for good behavior haha… It goes a long way! I engage with the children to hopefully gain their trust and confidence in havig a good time while being photographed. You should make sure day of our Session, depending on ages, that they have a good nap and helthy meals. I know this sounds silly, but a sugar diet can create many moods, not usually the one you want for pictures. I am very patient during these Sessions, and I do not watch the clock. I know from years of experience, after your child warms up, I usually get the best results in the first 30-40 minutes, then we are working it from there on. I am crrative when it comes to stretching them out, so to speak for more camera time. Remember this Session is about capturing their personality, so if a smile is not happening, or they are having attitude, I am going to embrace whatever they want to show, while also pushing for that big happy face.

Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable with your body style. For example, if your trouble area with yourself is your arms, do not wear a strapless shirt. Wear something with sleeves. If tummy is an issue for you, I always say layers are great! Something with maybe a loose kimono or cardigan. The camera loves color, so think of maybe a few colors to work with. You do not have to do the matchy thing, for example, shades of Blues (Teals, Turquiose, etc) with maybe Grey. Or Jewel tones (Cranberry, Greens, Mustard, etc) Pastels blended together (Blues and Pinks) Jeans are great for Family Sessions, or you can be dressy too if you want. For the Couples, you can change into a few different outfits. Something that represents the two of you in a casual setting and them maybe a dressy one. We will plan out our locations in advance. Custom Guest Sign in Albums are available for design if needed.

Only one image goes into the Yearbook, so have fun plannig your outfits! Your Session is about who you are now, that means your signature hairstyle, outfit choices etc. But please remember, your parents and grandparents most likely are what we cal ourselves “old school” so please pick at least one outfit that they would appreciate. It may not be your style but it will bring them hapiness and in turn your hapiness will be secured. This Session is about no rules, meaning, it is going to be fun, outside the box, artsy, and you can bring your bestie, your friends or your pet for buddy pictures. If you choose to make those buddy pictures with your sibling or parent I am happy with that as well. We can pick the best locations to create the “you” in the backdrop. I do not have you view pictures online, not my style. Rather I want you to show off and brag about your pictures so I print you 2 4x6 spiral books to keep with all the best of the best images that I capture! I am very popular among the students, so be sure to call early and make your appointment. I edit and delive rthe Yearbook image for you once you choose it. I am warning you though, I have heard this for years, you will have a difficult time choosing just one image for the Yearbook, All my pictures are amazing! Be ready to laugh, I am funny and love what I do! Most boys hate taking photos, and I love that everytime when we are finished with the shoot the boys admit to actually having a fun time. Parents, remember I encourage family support, and with this said I am happy to snap a few pictures of who comes along, but this Session is primarily for the student, I want them to feel special.

These are discussed on a one on one basis. Every Session is different and designed to fit your comfort level. I shoot in a classy manner keeping in mind the most complimentary styles of posing and backdrop styles. I have books for you to view at my home or on a private consultation so that you can see my style of shooting as well as get ideas for intimate clothing. My Sessions include an amazing custom designed Album for you to gift to the one you love. You will pick the images and I will edit them and make them picture perfect for the book. Usually adding words or text in the book if you want to personalize it. My rooms in my home make an elegant backdrop, chandeliers in each room with a Vintage or Rustic blend. I also incorporate Vintage seating.