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I am Robin Barnes, Central Coast Photographer for 25 years. I have a blended family that continues to grow. I have two children, Abrienne who has given me two amazing grandbabies that I spend quite a bit of time with, My son, Micah and his new Bride Emerald, whom I love dearly, my Husband, Mike, also has two children, Michael and Keira and the sweetest two grandbies as well, sad they live so far away. Life is such a precious gift and it happens so quickly, this is why I absolutley LOVE what I do. I am a Storyteller, and I shoot with my heart! I make good use of my camera time by capturing the beauty in each subject. I am about havung fun and making sure you feel comfortable behind the lens with the smallest details in mind. I am not just a one time Photographer, my families love me and so do the children so I grow with these families and get to be a part of many special memories.
I call myself a “Boutique Photographer” because I customize most of all my Sessions using Vintage Props, Seating and Clothing. I provide everything you could possibly need for your Itty Bitty Session (Newborns) including background setups as well as the accessories, outfits and wraps. Children Sessions are usually outdoor on a planned location with Vintage Props used for their enjoyment, such as Chairs, Buggies, Pedal Cars, Tractors etc. This way they are excited to play with something new and the excitement shows in my images. My Couples Sessions (Engagement) are super fun as we visit different locations and change outfits creating your story together. Family Sessions are also on an outdoor location that we plan ahead of time so that your needs and outfits can work with our selected background. I also advise familes on what to wear as the camera loves color! My Senior Portrait Sessions are something I take pride in. I did not like my experience when I took my Senior Pictures, so when I started this Business I made sure to change all those negative things into an experience for the Student that they would be talking about and remembering for a long time! I also wanted it to be affordable so that everyone in the Family could hang a portrait of this memorable time in their lives. My Intimate Sessions are something I love to do, but for the sake of discretion of privacy for my Clients, I do not advertise them on my Website. I would love to meet with you over refreshments or at my home to show you my work personally if you wish to view some examples of Classy images. I am all about Romance, so I have my personal home with two lovely bedrooms to work with, or we can customize a private outdoor location or rent a Boutique Hotel room for our Session. I am amazing with angles and flattering poses that you will fall in love with yourself all over again, no matter what body size or shape you have. This is a beautiful gift to give to someone you love, yourself.
My biggest attribute to this Photography Business is that I truly love people and I care about your feelings on a personal level, so my goal is to bring you a blended amount of emotions when you see your photographs for the first time, hapiness, laughter and tears at the same time! I cannot express to you enough how important it is to find that special person who can capture lifes special moments or changes or additions in your lives in a way that you almost feel like they are like a family member. Putting everyrhing they have into you and your family emotionally and artfully through the lens. I hope to be apart of your lives and tell your own story! I am always happy to answer any questions, and even if you have multiple at different times. I am on a personal level with my families, texting is welcomed. I tend to focus most of my time and energy into my Sessions, so I have not been the best Secretary at times, but then, that is not the main reason you have come to me, so please be patient with me if I have not responded right away. I get multiple variations of inquiries through email, social media, texts and voicemails, so sometimes I do not catch them right away. Being a busy Photographer is a good thing for you as you know I must be good, right? (ha ha) I have been asked why I do not hire someone to make the appointments for me, but then I say no, because I like to meet my families, discuss your envisions and accomodate my scheduke so that we can choose a good time based on work schedules, childrens “happy” hour or best lighting for our locations.
If I am not available to meet your needs, or I cannot provide you with a certain request, I am happy to refer you to a Photographer that can! I have worked with many of them as well as have had them Photograph my family. I look forward to meeting you and embellishing your walls with memories that generations to come will enjoy!

Sincerely, Robin Barnes